is a monthly interview series that contemplates comics, artist books, printed media, and more generally, whatever we are putting our peepers on. We consider and highlight artists and people who take narrative creation as their baseline beat for navigating their world.

Are you an intelligent, well-meaning human? Have you just discovered in yourself certain ideals about sub-narratives of art that you need to get off your chest? Want to submit something to Meanwhile…  for review? Or maybe you are generally bored and on the internet during your e-mail break. WHAT EVER THE CASE MAY BE!
CONTACT US: MeanwhileOnTheInternet(AT)gmail.com




Krystal DiFronzo is a cold weather baby from the Midwest. Her recent comic publications include “Suck It Up” and a Kate Bush fanzine. When not hunched over drawing comics she’s hunched over weaving cloth and printing. Her favorite snack is chips and salsa.




Sara Drake is a cartoonist and maze-maker who currently resides on the Internet. Her work is displayed in official and not-so-official places. She likes short walks on the beach, candlelit geodesic domes, and she hates jerks.


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