Lucky Dragons 9/18/12

Last night Sara and I went to the nightingale theatre (a local independent theatre here in Chicago) to see lucky dragons perform. Along with their performance was a screening of Sarah Rara’s (1/2 of lucky dragons) new film Air Control. It was a beautiful series of images such as a hand rotating a heavy sounding black stone circle and pink smoke flying over palmettos.

as I’ve drawn here:

After the screening lucky dragons performed. They had these stripes that affected the pitch of sound as they interacted with a lightbulb that hung down from the ceiling. All this was projected. There was audience participation with CD’s that affected the sound waves through light. And the best part was that there was a Q&A period afterwards where they described in detail exactly what we were witnessing and how it was done. Like a magician telling you about the rabbit in his sleeve.


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